Know When It’s Time for a New Driveway

June 30 2021

You could have a perfectly renovated interior of your home, neatly trimmed bushes, blooming flowers, and a perfectly manicured lawn, but if your driveway is in disrepair, it’ll bring down the value and curb appeal of your home. Eventually, all driveways will need to be replaced due to cracks, sinkage, or crumbling. There are many telltale signs and reasons a driveway should be replaced. Here are some signs to recognize that it may be time to get an estimate for a new driveway.

Formation of cracks. It’s normal to begin noticing cracks in your driveway. Gas, oil, deicing salt, and other substances slowly penetrate the surface of your driveway and worsen the cracks. During the freezing winter months, it’s typical for water to leak into the cracks and when it freezes, it expands and makes the cracks larger.

While it’s possible to repair small cracks when you begin to see long, deep cracks it’s a sign that there is more serious damage. Larger, wide cracks cannot be repaired, and if you find a contractor that says they can fix them, the repairs won’t last long. As well, temporary patches will appear darker than the surrounding driveway, which brings down your curb appeal even further. 

Potholes. When potholes form on your driveway, it not only is unsightly, but it also causes damage to your vehicle over time. Going over potholes day in and day out will begin to wear on your tires and suspension. When the ground under the driveway expands and contracts from the hot and cold seasons, the driveway material weakens and cracks or crumbles to form a pothole which will just get larger over time. 

As with cracks, minor potholes can often be repaired. However, even a filled pothole doesn’t solve the problem of the ground below contracting and expanding, so it’s likely the pothole will show up again eventually. Replacing your driveway can be a great solution, especially for an older driveway. Newer materials are made to withstand these issues better than the driveway materials that were used decades ago.

Drainage problems. When you begin to have drainage issues, it can affect your driveway and can cause serious damage over time. It’s normal for rainwater to run down the drive along its slope, but when there are areas that water pools due to poor drainage, it weakens the driveway, increasing the number and size of potholes and cracks. Although you can add curbing or inlets to stop the water from pooling and direct it off your driveway, if the damage is already substantial, you may have to add these features when a new driveway is poured. 

Faded & coarse appearance. The sun’s UV rays can cause damage to home driveways by penetrating its surface causing oxidation and causing the color to fade. UV rays can also diminish the finish of the driveway causing it to be rough and weathered. A concrete sealant can help to restore the original color of the driveway but before resealing, it’s best to ask a professional contractor if the current condition of your driveway is worth sealing. Having a contractor reseal your driveway every two to three years can help extend the life of your driveway. 

Past its lifespan. If you own an older home and your driveway is past its 15-20 year lifespan, it just may be time for a new and improved driveway. A driveway that old may see a lot of the issues mentioned above due to years of exposure to UV rays, harsh weather, damaging chemicals, and daily use – all of which will deteriorate any driveway over time. 

Wondering what type of driveway is best to replace your damaged one? Next time, we’ll look at different types of driveway materials and alternatives to choose from to ensure your new driveway will last for decades while adding value and curb appeal to your home. 

If you think it may be time for a new driveway or want to know if it’s still repairable, our professionals at CDC General Contracting will give you an honest and reliable estimate. We will also sit down with you to determine the best materials for your next driveway to increase the value of your home! Call us at 856-834-2737 or request a consultation to see how our quality craftsmanship at reasonable prices can help make your next project a reality.