Advantages of Concrete Flooring in the Home

September 15 2021

We find that many homeowners are looking for flooring that’s durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain, and quick to clean. Whether it’s the garage, basement, or in your main living area, poured concrete is a good option. Flooring these days isn’t just limited to carpet, linoleum, wood, and tile. 

If your home has concrete subfloors, exposing them and applying a decorative treatment can be an environmentally friendly option for your home. Today, concrete can be stained in a variety of colors and resurfaced in a multitude of textures and finishes. 

Benefits to concrete flooring.

Concrete flooring has many advantages to consider:

  • Can be designed to fit any budget
  • Unlimited creative options to personalize your flooring to you
  • Involves little maintenance
  • It will last for decades with proper care
  • Resists moisture and stains
  • Pet-friendly
  • Reduces allergens in your home
  • Can be heated with a radiant system

Where can concrete flooring be used? 

  • Kitchen: Your kitchen is a high-traffic area so it needs to have tough, durable flooring. Concrete can withstand foot traffic, spills, and stains, and doesn’t have any joints or grout lines to trap dirt and food. This type of flooring not only has endless design options but makes clean-up a cinch. 
  • Foyer or Mudroom: Make a great first impression with a stylish entry – using colored concrete and different textures, you can make a decorative floor that guests will see as soon as they enter your home. These busy areas where dirt, mud, and water get tracked in easily can be cleaned and maintained quickly. 
  • Bathroom: Since radiant heating can be added to concrete floors, it makes them a good choice to keep the floor comfortable for bare feet, especially during our cold winters. Concrete is also resistant to moisture and spills, making it a good choice for your bathrooms. 
  • Basement: Concrete is an outstanding good choice for basement flooring. Since a lot of ground moisture, and possible flooding, can occur at the basement level, concrete is good at helping you avoid mold and mildew problems. It will save you money in the long run since you won’t have to replace damp carpet or damaged wood flooring. Get creative and add a shuffleboard design or a hopscotch feature to your gaming room area!
  • Garage: For many, our garages are an extension of our living space. Looks can range from polished & sealed basic gray to more unique color combinations. Colored flecks can be added or a custom design with epoxy coatings to protect against oil, dirt, and other contaminants found in garages. 

Poured concrete has become a popular choice for indoor flooring in recent years. Our professionals at CDC General Contracting will give you an honest and reliable estimate. Call us at 856-834-2737 or request a consultation to see how our quality craftsmanship at reasonable prices can help make your next project a reality.